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Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire

Currently Joseph Stenz’s repertoire includes the following shows:


- the unique, powerful, magical fire dance!

This show presents Joseph Stenz’s virtuoso fire dance in its most archaic and immediate form. Traveling to the fiery world of the dragons with a ritual homage to the “spirit” of fire!


The enchanting highlight for special, festive occasions!

Let the magic of fire enchant you! You will be transported into a magical world by the solemn yet festive atmosphere, full of enchanted moments, poetical moods and powerful dance interludes. For festive events such as weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions.


The mystical power-show turns up the heat!

Originating in the fascination for fire, a powerful spectacle with a mystical atmosphere, artistic dance interludes and magnificent images has emerged! The show provides a powerful and unforgettable entertainment experience, which will leave no one cold! For festivals and other events with plenty of power…


A show with magnificent pyrotechnics, in accordance with your wishes and adjusted to the needs and conditions of the event.

This top class fire show is suited to events and functions, which aim to offer your guests a larger, more exclusive spectacle. The show will be specially designed to meet the wishes and needs of the function! Please contact us with our contact form in order to discuss the possibilities


The light show with stunning optical effects!

Transparencies, which appear and disappear in magical order, unbelievable figures originating from the dark, surprising patterns projected in the air and inexplicable optical effects transport you into another world. An impressive show with the newest technological equipment.


This exclusive, epic fire spectacle blends pyrotechnic and fireworks together with fire dance to create a unique and incomparable show!


see also pyrotecnics


The fire is taking various forms...

If you wish, we can integrate fire writing, numbers and logos suited to your events

please contact us if interested