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Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire

Portrait - Joseph Stenz

Magique - Joseph Stenz

Joseph Stenz – the man who dances with fire!

As a child, he already found the figure of the “travelling entertainer” enchanting …and since his first encounter with the art of fire dancing during a trip through Australia, this artistry has accompanied him through life – first of all as passion and play, then as an intensive confrontation with the element fire and its fascinating power.

The school of life

There is no actual fire dance school, so Joseph did that which he anyway loves to do - "learning by doing, in action"!

The element fire and life itself were his teachers in developing his art. He was further supported by a creative exchange with professionals at international fire art festivals. Joseph is, as well, a trained Pyrotechnic with diploma.

The drive

The inner drive – his enthusiasm for the magic of fire – impels him to continually develop and expand his fire show. An impressive spectacle, an artistic expression of the power of fire has emerged!

Through his unique performances and repeated presence on TV, Joseph Stenz has become one of the most sought-after and best known fire artists in Switzerland!

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A brief history of fire dancing…

Fire dancing originated in the ritual dances of different cultures. The Poi (chains with fireballs) come from the Maoris in New Zealand. Fire pole dances are found in Thailand and India, were however also practiced in different cultures in Africa. These early forms were adopted by young travelers, who then spent their evenings on southern shores fire dancing. Back home, the art was made known and further developed into professional shows by a number of “infected fire dancers”.