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Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire

Fire dance with pyrotechnic and fireworks – artistically staged!

The combination of fire dance with pyrotechnics is our specialty!

In addition to providing artistic variety at the ultimate level, Joseph Stenz supplements his shows with pyrotechnic effects, which are exactly coordinated with the music and choreography. The shows can be booked in various versions, that is, contributed to and expanded with differing additional effects, and so just as effective on large stages, as well as at private functions. All of the shows are professionally staged and performed in accordance with the strictest safety requirements.

The ultimate dance with fire?

The impressive and unique combination of fire dance and musical fireworks provides a superb performance, which leaves the spectators breathless! With our years of experience we combine these two elements into a completely new and overwhelming show!

Planning and Staging

Our passion is the artistic staging of the element fire in the most varied situations. We let your events inspire us to new creations. From smaller pyrotechnic elements such as baroque fireworks, to breathtaking large-scale fireworks, we suit our performances to your needs.


Our shows are staged and performed in cooperation with longstanding professionals. We employ the following elements: fire channels – fire walls – fire pillars – fire arches - flame Jets - TBF 5Master flame projector and a large selection of pyrotechnic effects from fountains and suns to large ball shaped bombs… the possibilities are practically limitless. Of course, the necessary safety requirements are always respected and observed.

For your individualized offer call us at +41 (0)44 586 52 44 or fill out the contact form. We are looking forward to advising you personally!