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Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire

Fire - the fascinating element

The myth of fire

The element fire represents the spark of life which creates everything and wakes it to life, which determines the rhythm of our heartbeat and the Earth. Just as the warmth within us is an expression of our vitality, so does our planet enfold a glowing core, which gives the beings above upon the crust life.

The power of transformation

Fire is the symbol of transformation. Fire can destroy, but also with its warmth maintain life, it burns the old and provides space and nourishment for the new. In many ancient cultures fire was used to purify. Gazing into a fireplace of a camp fire calms the spirit – churning thoughts come to peace.

The inner fire…

You can look at it as you please, there is hardly anyone who is unmoved by the sight of a flame…this flame burns within each one of us – the fire of your vision, of your creativity -  let yourself be inspired, transported, lifted…enjoy your life, impose your own performance on this planet, all the same whether it is fantastic or supposedly insignificant; there is neither a dress rehearsal nor a safety net or a false bottom – dance now with your stars!

Magique - Joseph Stenz

Yes, I know from whence I came!
Discontented as a flame,
Upon myself I live and glow.
All I grasp like lightning flashes,
All I leave behind is ashes:
Flame I am – that much I know!

Friedrich Nietzsche