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Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire
Joseph Stenz - dancing with fire

Safety – the correct way of handling fire!

We understand fire and know what we are doing.

Since the show should be enjoyable, safety is of the upmost priority. Joseph Stenz is a trained pyrotechnic artist with qualification diploma and collaborates with professional specialists.

According to the site, the following minimal requirements (these vary according to the size of the show) must be observed:

  •  a stage or performance area of at least 5x5m
  • free space above the stage of at least 3,5m
  • a safety distance to the spectators of at least 1m from the stage/performance area
  • no easily flammable materials such as cables or electrical appliances near the performance area

If the show is to be held indoors, Joseph would appreciate a direct inquiry (contact form)


At larger events there should be at least one trained person responsible for the firewatch and safety. Extinguishing blankets and fire extinguishers should always be close to hand.

The technical safety of the following implements is guaranteed:

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Torches/Juggling equipment

This equipment consists of a torch wick, which is attached to a metal device and is doused with a special pyrofluid before use. Only professionally produced and regularly inspected equipment is used.

Technical equipment

Only inspected professional fire projectors, which comply with the strictest safety requirements are used. The necessary safety distances are observed!


The greatest care is taken when fireworks are in use. Only selected, high quality products are used. These are fired by means of a professional Galaxis Igniter.